Fulbright-Mentored Students Named Best Debaters

For several years, Fulbright's New York office has been involved with Legal Outreach, a high school legal mentoring program based in under-served New York City neighborhoods.

Lawyers and law students from all around the city join together to teach and mentor high school students about the practice of law.

This past summer, Fulbright's New York office hosted a Legal Outreach student intern, Brooks Rao. In addition, Fulbright lawyers Felice Galant, Joann Kahn and Sue Ross mentored two other students throughout the year. The students were required, as a part of the completion of the program, to draft four briefs and compete in four constitutional law debates in their sophomore, junior and senior years. Each intern was assisted by their lawyer mentors to complete these tasks.

In this year's competition, high school senior Laura Leung, mentored by Galant, won Debater of the Year.Fulbright intern and high school sophomore Rao won Third Place for the Sensational Six Debater, which awards the top six students from all grades. Both students will receive college scholarships in addition to their awards.

To learn more about the Legal Outreach program, visit www.legaloutreach.org.