Fulbright Partner Elected Council Director of ABA’s Taxation Section

Fulbright Lawyer Kathryn Keneally
Kathryn Keneally
New York

Fulbright partner Kathryn Keneally was elected Council Director of the American Bar Association's Taxation Section.

Over the past few years, Ms. Keneally has served as Chair of the Standards of Practice Committee (2005-2007) and Chair of the Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties Committee (2001-2003). She also has been a member of the Employment Taxes Committee since 1994.

Professionally, Ms. Keneally has spent more than 25 years defending corporate and individual clients—in investigations, trials and on appeal—in cases involving complex financial matters ranging from tax controversy, tax fraud, money laundering, currency transaction reporting, securities fraud, bank fraud, false statements and RICO to issues related to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. In addition, Ms. Keneally has represented individuals and companies in federal, state and local tax proceedings.