Fulbright Grants $30,000 to the California Bar Foundation’s Scholarship Program

Fulbright recently committed to give $30,000 to the California Bar Foundation's Law School Scholarship Program, which supports future public interest lawyers. The Foundation will receive the contribution over a three-year period at $10,000 per year.

Fulbright Attorney James Evans, UCLA law student Shayla Myers, and California Bar Foundation
President Scott Wylie
James Evans (Left), UCLA law student Shayla Myers,
California Bar Foundation President Scott Wylie

This is the Foundation's first year to recognize its leading law students with named scholarships. Fulbright and five other law firms are participating in the inaugural year. The 2007 Fulbright & Jaworski Scholarship was awarded to UCLA law student, Shayla Myers.

Los Angeles partner James Evans, represented Fulbright at the Foundation's Scholarship Reception. The recipients are nominated by their law schools for demonstrating a commitment to public service, academic excellence and their financial need.

Founded in 1990, the California State Bar Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to bettering the California justice system. Along with awarding scholarships to law school students, the Foundation annually contributes its donations to California organizations that carry out innovative law-related projects.