On-campus events

Date Law School Event 
10/23/17 Harvard Masterclass
10/25/17 George Washington Fall Networking Reception
10/25/17 The University of Texas Texas Business Law Society- 1L Associate Luncheon
10/25/17 New York University Career Educational Fair
11/2/17 The University of Texas Texas Talks: Careers in Law
11/6/17 Harvard 1L Mock Interview Program
11/8/17 Howard Practice Area Marketplace
11/8/17 Columbia JD Practice Interview Program
11/10/17 Washington University 1L Diversity Expo-Table Talks
11/15/17 Georgetown World of Choices Program
11/16/17 New York University Tax Practice Interview Evening
11/20/17 Columbia Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) Resume Review Program
12/1/17 Harvard Texas Club Roundtable
12/1/17 Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Job Fair
12/1/17 University of Virginia UVA Law Winter Diversity Reception
12/1/17 University of Virginia Hospitality Suite
12/8/17 Baylor 1L Firm Connections
1/10/18 SMU Professional Development Summit: Practice Area Preview
1/13/18 University of Pennsylvania APALSA Conference
1/17/18 SMU Meet the Firms Night
1/23/18 Columbia 1L Networking Night
1/23/18 Fordham CPC Employer Reception
2/1/18 New York University 1L On Campus Interviews
2/1/18 The University of Texas Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law Symposium and Banquet
2/7/18 University of Pennsylvania 1L Panel and Reception
2/8/18 University of Pennsylvania Cracking the Texas Market
2/15/18 Howard 1L Private Sector Reception
2/15/18 George Washington Intellectual Property Networking Reception
2/20/18 The University of Texas Chicano/Hispanic Law Students' Association 1L Lunch
2/28/18 UCLA Annual Law Firm Diversity Reception
3/7/18 The University of Texas Texas Business Law Society Spring Networking Event
3/9/18 Cornell Professional Development Bootcamp
3/20/18 University of Houston Meet the OCI Employers Night
3/27/18 Columbia Project Finance Case Study
3/28/18 UCLA UCLA Law in New York Reception
4/3/18 New York University NYU Global 1L Reception
4/5/18 UCLA BLSA Solidarity Dinner
4/7/18 The University of Texas Texas Law Review Association Banquet
4/11/18 University of Houston Houston Law Review Banquet
4/14/18 UCLA La Raza Alumni Dinner
6/19/18 USC Meet the Firms Night
6/26/18 UCLA Sneak Peek Reception